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Elevator brand from Japan

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Elevator brand from Japan

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Sakura elevator (Zhongshan) Co. Ltd., from the elevator brand in Japan, markets across Asia, North America, South America and Africa in more than fifty countries, large multinational companies specialized in elevator R & D, production and sales

Sakura lift is a well-known brand of international marketing, elevator market, across Japan, China mainland, Singapore, Southeast Asia, Middle East, North America, South America and Africa, nearly 50 countries, "Sakura lift" is one in Taiwan as a manufacturing base, and respectively in the five regions have set up branch offices (including Taiwan, mainland China, Japan, Singapore, Chinese Hongkong), at the age of cheap imported goods, Sakura held by Taiwan, Japan still lift R & D team continued research and development, product innovation, adhere to the quality, and the Japanese AMADA machine manufacturing factory in Taiwan and the mainland, through the international marketing strategy of Singapore, leading the Sakura elevator enter the world seven continents and four oceans.

Sakura lift each lift through strict quality control, it was certainly a number of international quality, and in 2009 won the European CE certification (elevator), but it is not the company's glory is our pride, a number of certification and patent in Sakura elevator in a few years ago, also won the the Middle East Saudi Arabia SASO certification, and Chinese, more because of the continuous development, have made a number of patents at home and abroad.

Due to our serious and professional, dedication and persistence, so that cherry elevator manufacturing and production of each elevator and equipment have the highest quality, so you ride comfort, ease of use.

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