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Company Introduction

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                          COMPANY INTRODUCTION

Sakura Elevator, a renowned elevator manufacturer, sell across Japan, Singapore, Southeast Asia, the Middle

East, North America, Latin America, Africa and more than thirty countries. As manufacturing based in Taiwan, Sakura’s

innovative elevator focus in quality with AMADA machinery to produce one of the kind’s elevator for every customer. In

Taiwan, Singapore via international marketing strategy which lead Sakura elevator to become global leader in elevator


Each every Sakura elevators has undergo a rigorous quality control and won a number of international quality

recognition, the European CE certification (elevator machine) in 2009, it is not only the company's glory, but also the entire

Taiwanese pride, and the other also received the awarded Japanese government's (The protection device against the

elevator doors open in accidentally movement) anti-smoke doors and other certifications, and certified by UCMP Europe

CE in 2014.